Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Travis Christensen Family Shoot

It's been a while since my brother, Travis, has come down to see the family. Was excited to be asked to take his family pictures. I don't understand why blogger is messing with my picts? Some look a bit blurry yet so crisp and clean on my computer. Frustrating!!

This baby is just so stinkn' cute!
She smiled the entire time. She didn't whine or whimper once!
Perfect baby right here!!

Big sister...

She's got the funniest "fake" smiles ever!!

There's a real smile...

I just love taking pictures during the golden hour. 
I love the lighting! 

So sweet!

Thanks for letting me take your pictures this weekend! Your Christmas cards are going to rock!

2017 Prom

Oh my gosh!!!!
Teenagers can be so much fun!!

These 3 (best of friends) were trying to pose from a James Bond movie. 

Brandon and his date...
These two were so funny!

 Jaxton and his date..... 

Beautiful Girls 

Group Pictures.... 

Brendin and his date...