Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Matt & Miranda

I had the privilege of taking my very own brother's engagement pictures. We captured some great shots in our first location. It's hard to pick out my favorites!

 I love the reflection!

Our second location took place in the culvert above Hurricane.

Matt & Miranda 
I wanted to play with the M&M's

Taking fun pictures is a must!

Our 3rd location was at the Old Hotel in Hurricane.

Saw these ideas on Pinterest and wanted to give em' a try. I love the way they turned out!

My brother has been working for the Beaver County Sheriff Dept for some time now. He's pretty stoked he just got hired on at Washington County. These 2 love birds will be living close by. 

Decided to try to take some "fun" pictures using his handcuffs. 

Silly Kids!

3rd stop was Sand Hallow Reservoir.

 As the Sunset was coming upon us we left Sand Hallow and went out above the reservoir. 
This called for another outfit change.

Congratulations you two love birds!

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